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On February 29th the Crane Trust estimated 272,000 + 43,000 sandhill cranes between Chapman and Overton NE. This is over double what they had last week and is another record for the year. The last highest count recorded between February 25th and March 2nd (aka week 3) was in 2016 with 213,000 sandhill cranes.

It won’t be long before the crane return to the Platte Valley. There are some 600,000 of these great grey birds in the world and pass through Nebraska and Colorado on there way north to their breeding grounds. Roughly 150,000 to 160,000 of these birds will stop over in the fields and meadows northwest and west of town. Keep an eye on the sky. The cranes could arrive any day now.

The Central Platte Natural Resources District’s Crane Viewing site near Alda will be improved with funds recently awarded through the Recreational Trails Program.

You may have noticed that the Sandhill Cranes are still here – in January!

Public viewing decks south of Alda and Gibbon in Nebraska offer the opportunity to view the sandhill cranes during their migration. The Central Platte Natural Resource District recently updated their signage at the deck on Alda Road, south of the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center. 

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